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Ronda Rousey, changing the face of MMA and bringing women’s mma to the mainstream.  I like Sarah Kauffman. But… I feel sorry for her. Rousey is gonna smash prolly every other woman in the sport, only, maybe Cyborg [who is questionably female] could muster anything resembling a defense against the surging Judoka.


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this is just a fucking amazing find. all this old footage reborn, it’s a gift… Guro Dan Inosanto, in my mind the greatest living martial artist, an unparalleled legacy, a humble spirit, a pioneer, archeologist, architect, poet. So many arts, such deep contribution, so many of us martial artists owe him so much. History will owe him more. 

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When I was a kid I had a choose your own adventure book called “the Greatest Samurai” it was a story about Musashi. It changed the course of my life, and is primarily responsible for my life long obsession with the martial arts. Check out this documentary on his life.

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A Guro Dan demo from Germany… early 80s.

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A really nice quality Guro Dan and Larry Hartsell demo. Check it out!!!

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Word. WAR HENDO, all day.


war hendo.

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Definitively one of the best comebacks, ever in UFC.


Tim Boetsch vs. Yushin Okami

Boetsch seems to be the odd man out here seeing as no one expects him to be in title contention after Saturday, even though (minus maybe Weidman) he is the only middleweight with a victory over a consensus top 5 middleweight. (even on a Hail Mary comeback) Anyway, he has Hector Lombard in the co main event of UFC 149.

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Just 26 seconds! WATCH Jason High’s impressive submission victory from three different angles!

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Renan Barao vs Brad Pickett

He’s fighting Urijah Faber for the interim title on sat. Future bantamweight champ. Runteldat

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Nice little clip.


‘An Indescribable Feeling’

Powerful video about winning and losing in MMA. To me this is the sport that shows real heart and determination its not about hitting or throwing a ball it’s about 2 people putting everything on line.  (FYI your audio isn’t messed up)

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Brittney Palmer photoshoot

Brittney Palmer photoshoot

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Sak Yant.

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